Top 5 Free Battery Saver Apps To Improve Your Android Battery Life (No Root)


In this guide, we are going to explore the top 5 best android battery saver apps on Playstore. These apps are battery optimisation apps and they would allow you improve your android phone battery usage, make it last longer thereby giving you a good experience. The tips we would be listing below can be used to extend the battery life of your phone.

We would explain the 5 best battery saver apps on android that requires no root to operate and they are all free. Normally, without battery savers, there are some important manual techniques that you can apply that allows you save battery and they includes manually reducing your phone brightness, closing high tasking apps, closing unnecessary apps, etc. These are good, but battery saver apps allows you do this automatically without stress.

First of all, lets consider some of the factors that make android batery to lag, then we can now talk about the different apps that solves those particular issues. The major factors that cause an android phone to lag includes unnecessary apps running, malware or virus, long running background tasks, tracking apps, etc. These factors not only reduce and drain your battery fast, but they also make your smartphone very slow.

The Best Battery Saver Apps In 2020 – No Root

1. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster (Download On Paystore)

Kaspersky is one of the top most reputable digital security and antivirus companies in the world.They have a powerful android app suite that contains various modules that can help you optimise your android phone for better performance. This is a free android batterysaver toolthat works withoutrequiring the rooting of your mobile device. With over 5 million installs and 4.5 average rating,it stands as one of the current battery saving apps in 2020

Kaspersky monitors every single apps thats running on your phone both on foreground and in background and it shows you their energy consumption. It also allows you stop anyone easily. t also alerts you when an app starts consuming more energy than it normally consumes.


2. Accu​Battery (Download On Playstore)

Accu​Battery is another high performing android battery saving app available on playstore.It requires no root and it has over 4.6 average rating on playstore. Accubattery is best known for preserving android battery life and also displaying the information in beautiful intuitive graphs. it also has a charge alarm feature that rings out sound when your battery gets charged to 80% so you can disconnect as they believe that battery lasts longer when charged to only 80%. AccuBattery also allows you select the best battery for your phone by telling you how fast a battery charge.

Accu​Battery Battery Saver
Accu​Battery Battery Saver

3. dfndr battery (Download On Playstore)

dfndr battery is another top choice when selecting android apps to optimise your battery usage. With over 5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.6, it ranks amongst the most downloaded battery saving apps. It shows you all android apps running in background and allow you close unnecessary ones. it allows you automate this process in number of times in a day, for example every 30 mins. It also has a battery cooling function that allows you cool your battery temperature and slow down running processes.

dnfdr Battery Saver App Download
dnfdr Battery Saver App Download

4 2 Battery – Battery Saver (Download On Playstore)

2 Battery which has more than 10 million installs on playstore is also a battery saver thats a must have on your phone. This app does not only conserve your basttery usage, but it also conserves your internet data.It uses a smart algorithm to turn off internet connection and reduce your battery usage. it also display your battery information to you at all times and it also provide you with opportunities to provide other options like screen brightness reduction, etc.

2 Battery
2 Battery


5. Extra Battery (Download On Playstore)

Extra Battery Battery Saver & Fast Charger android app is a fast charging and android battery saver app with an average rating of 4.3. It is asoamultipurpose utility tool with aonderful features for your smartphones like Junk cleaner, fast charging, temperature cooler, etc

Extra Battery
Extra Battery


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