Top 2020 Finance And Budget Planning Apps

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In today’s fast-moving world, time and money are of the very essence. Planning, saving and budget-making are key skills that every business or money-earning individual needs to inculcate into his/her daily life for better financial management and accounting.

Income and expenditure need to be properly managed, priorities need to be set and targets need to be made so as to achieve long/short herm financial goals and to avoid overspending and incurring debts on oneself/business. The good news is that, the presence of technology has jettisoned the traditional methods of finance and budget planning, making it much easier for individuals and businesses to manage their finances and budgets with more speed and accuracy with the existence of so many finance and budget planning apps. The fact that most of these apps are mobile-friendly accounts for there ease-of-use and relevance.

Below is a list of Top 7 finance and budget planning apps that make budgeting and goal achievement a whole lot easier.

  1. Mint

Mint is actually a no brainer. Ranked #1 by Forbes and most finance sites, this app brings all your money to one place. It balances credit scores and bills can be easily tracked. It gives you suggestions on how to go about your spending and helps you create budgets. It also gives you reminders for bills that are upcoming so you can plan; warns you when you have low finds so you know what to buy and what not to; sends you an alert when there are due bills.

Mint is a life-changing yet simple app that helps you save your time and money by keeping tabs on your money in one place.

  1. YNAB(You Need A Budget)

This app is different from most “set it and forget it” apps. The app helps you prioritize your spending into short, long and intermediate-term goals in order for you to allocate and plan how and where to spend your money. It helps you think ahead and also has settings for specific categories of future expenses. It also teaches you how to use your budget and adjust it throughout the month. YNAB is on this top 7 finance and budget planning apps list because it makes you know the value of each penny you have. It doesn’t let you plan with money you don’t have but makes you live, plan and spend within your income.

  1. Mobills

Mobills helps you keep track of your income and spending via your computer or phone. It gives you a clear view of your finances; makes you aware of how much you should spend; helps you save money for a particular goal/dream; and helps you make monthly budgets.

The Mobills app also gives you reminders when your bills/expenses are due so you don’t miss out on any payments. You can also see how you spend your money on the charts available. Budget adjustment is made possible on the app as well and you can make transfers on the go!

  1. Monefy – Money Manager

Monefy is next on the top 7 finance and budget planning apps. This app helps you keep track of every dime you spend. Anytime you purchase a product or pay for a service, just fill in the expenditure amount and click “Add”; and voila! It’s done. It effortlessly helps you keep track of your money. The app can be used on multiple devices. All you need to do is sync the data with your other device using Google Drive or Dropbox. Any changes made will automatically reflect on the other account.

There is no long process for setups and it also contains category icons that make it easier to select expenses without typing. The built-in calculator and high-security features surely make it an app to go for.

  1. Wallet

The Wallet app is a one of a kind app that helps you unite all your finances. It helps you pay loans, get insurance, shop wisely and build budgets. It syncs with your bank(s) for easy facilitation so you can see every penny you get and spend. Even if your bank isn’t supported in the linking, there is availability for manual input of records.

Wallet is available all over the world and allows multiple currency transactions as well as multiple accounts.

  1. ISaveMoney

ISaveMoney is another powerful app with user-friendly and speech recognition features. It assists you by automatically completing your entries based on previous ones. It comes with a built-in calculator and budget maker to help you create new budgets monthly. The app helps you calculate your savings and how much you owe based on your income and expenditure data. Data is also automatically backed up to the cloud and can be restored when needed.

  1. Tycoon

Here’s another top 7 finance and budget planning app, Tycoon. This was created for freelancers and developed with the goal of “simplicity” in mind. Tycoon helps freelancers manage their income and payment transactions. The app notifies you when you’ve been paid, and when your payment is overdue. Freelancers can set tax and commission rates per job payment; receive notifications of which payments are overdue and send reminder emails to clients that are yet to pay them. Multiple currencies are allowed and conversion rates are shown daily. It helps freelancers track jobs and even allow them to decide whether a gig should be accepted or not, based on the payment. Tycoon helps freelancers to be well aware of their earnings.

In conclusion

Accounting and budget-planning has never been so easy with the existence of so many applications that support financing and budgeting. If you need assistance keeping track of your finances, income, expenditures, goals and savings without resorting to the traditional methods of accounting, then one of this app is all you need.

These apps are basically created and developed for budgeting, but each comes with other unique features than can improve your overall financial health. Be it debt management, saving tools, or even notifications when you overspend. With these numerous finance and budgeting applications out there, one might only be confounded with the problem of choice. The hard work of choosing has been done for you as these top 7 finance and budget planning apps will help you plan for/with your money and ensure you plan well.


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