8 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps You Must Have


Cryptocurrency trading involves postulating on cryptocurrency price changes through a CFD trading account or the purchase and selling of crypto coins via an exchange site.

Mobile devices (android and iOS) have become important resources for tracking crypto transactions and investments.  Some apps provide information on price changes, trends, and market capitalization of cryptos. Some apps also feature virtual wallets where users can store their crypto coins.

We have compiled a list of top cryptocurrency apps for android and IOS android that feature a wide variety of tools and top-notch security.


Coinbase has established itself as one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms. It was founded in 2012 and has grown to have more than 35 million users on its platform. A total of about $220 Billion have been traded on this platform.  The coinbase card allows users to make payments via platforms and stores that support cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase features an interface that is both easy to navigate and user-friendly. The help section provides users with a ton load of information about the services offered at coinbase. The website has a mobile version that is programmed to work effectively on android and IOS devices.  There is also a mobile app for android and IOS.

The coinbase app offers a decentralized service and manages all your digital assets.



Gemini is a U.S- based trading company founded in 2014 and based in New York. Gemini t is renowned for its top-of-the-line data security. They feature FDIC protection for USD. Gemini provides services that range from a cryptocurrency exchange and trading, a digital wallet for storing cryptos, and a USD coin marketplace.

Gemini supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies and has its currency, the Gemini dollar. The Samsung blockchain also runs on Gemini. Users can link their Samsung blockchain wallet to their Gemini app to enjoy an awesome trading experience.

The Gemini app offers cryptocurrency trading and its interface is easy to navigate and it is user-friendly. The Gemini website has a mobile version that makes complex trading operations easier. Users on Gemini can buy retail products directly from their wallets.



eToro has established itself as a top trading platform that allows its users to trade cryptocurrency, commodities, shares, indices, CFDs, and stocks. eToro offers a ‘social trading’ feature that allows users to duplicate the trades made by the highest-ranked investors on the eToro platform.

eToro does not charge trading fees. However, currency conversion attracts a fee. Users on eToro are required to verify their identity by uploading a valid ID card and proof of Residence. The

The CopyTrader is a unique feature of etoro and users can track the performance of top traders via the Rick scores.



Coinigy is an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform for professionals. It is strictly for trading and does not offer an exchange of currencies.  Users on coinigy have access to trade on more than 50 of the popular cryptocurrencies.

Coinigy features an awesome interface and various analytical tools, charting, and portfolio management. The coinigy app has iOS and Android versions and offers its users unlimited trading services.



Okane cryptocurrency app is one of the top crypto trading apps you can decide to use for tracking your digital assets. It has a very simple and easy to use interface which makes the app navigable for both beginners and professionals.

In fact, it has an amazing feature that makes it easy for businesses to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Also, it allows users access to CoinMarketUp so as to view their rankings and prices.



This is one of the widely used cryptocurrency trading apps in terms of its volume of transaction. Professional traders use this app a lot because of its unique stock trading style. Bifinance is known in over 190 countries where it offers numerous cryptocurrency markets. Although it is popularly used by professionals, beginners can also learn to use it because of its simple interface.



Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency app that helps to track users portfolio over a period of time. This is done in a way that it will track crypto portfolio, marketing performance and trading. It is one of the widely known trackers in the cryptocurrency world with about 5 Million users around the globe.

It supports over 2,500 cryptocurrencies and offers important details in a very simple way. It is a free app and allows changes in value to be done without delay and without exposing users to the risk of a hack.

In fact, Blockfolio has a news section that allows users to keep updates of what’s going on in the industry and to also know the next step to take in the cryptocurrency world.



This is a newly built cryptocurrency app and is also one of the best tradings that can be used to track digital assets. It has a library of about 3,000 cryptocurrency, market data and even gives price alerts. It can also be sync with other cryptocurrency trading app as it was designed that way for easy transaction.

However, Delta isn’t free like the other cryptocurrency app, it comes with a fee of $8.49 per month which is about $49.99 per year. Even with this amount, most people who know the in-depth of cryptocurrency choose this app because if the value it gives. Also, it is very easy to use if a beginner wants to try it out.


Final Thoughts.

Cryptocurrency use is growing increasing across the globe and more and more businesses are opening to the use of this digital payment in business transactions. This is why you should join the trend of smart investors and stay abreast of the dynamic world. Of cryptocurrencies.

In order to get the best experience in cryptocurrency, you should review any of the above top cryptocurrency trading apps. The apps will give you the best experience and protect your digital assets.

In addition, it is important to keep security, payments procedure, and Exchange fees in mind while choosing the cryptocurrency trading app that might be suitable for you.


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